A Staten Island Love Letter 2 : The Forgotten Borough

A Staten Island Love Letter 2 : The Forgotten Borough


When you're at the top, people question why? Zeek and Zoe moved to Staten Island to lay low, but instead found out that there was money to be made there. Wanting Ghost's position in the street, they're willing to do whatever to get it, including killing whoever means the most to him. When Zeek makes a call that he thought would end Ghost, but could possible end him too... what happens?Ghost wants to know, who would try him and his family this way? Tearing Staten Island apart to find answers that may lie in the hands of Liberty, who heard a one-sided conversation that Zeek had previous to Staten and Summer being gunned down. Liberty has her own fair share of skeletons, but once those skeletons start to fall out the closet, she has no choice but to come clean to her sister and mother. Freedom knows she needs to talk to her twins about their father, but fights hard trying to figure out how. With Mama Rae in her ear, she realizes that she has no choice, but to tell her children that she has lied to them their entire life. Zoe isn't willing to leave Freedom alone. He's willing to do anything to get back in her good graces, that even includes trying to end Ghost.You don't mention Staten Island without mentioning the Garibaldi family. Ghost and the Garibaldi family go back for years. When chaos erupts on Staten Island, Messiah laces up her Timbs and gets ready to go to war. This time she's not alone... her daughters are joining her. Kiss' paternity of her child is still a mystery to Priest. The person who actually fathers his niece's child is the last person he expects. Juggling his own personal life and trying to raise three girls, Priest might reach his breaking point, especially when Justice breaks his heart for the final time. Y'all were sleep on the forgotten borough, but it's safe to assume you're wide awake and ready for the explosive sequel to this series. Pay your toll, sit back and welcome to Staten Island!

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Jahquel J, Joseph Editorial Services
Paperback | 212 pages
140 x 216 x 12mm | 272g
Publication date
24 Jun 2019
Independently Published