Mercury Poisoning and Deep Faith

Mercury Poisoning and Deep Faith


This is a 47-chapter non-fiction story about Mercury poisoning from my eight dental amalgams and one root canal. I had fillings since age eight at least. The World Health Organization states that 87% of Mercury poisoning in humans comes from their mouth. Amalgam fillings are 50-52% Mercury. Childhood vaccinations with 'Thimersol;' a Mercury based derivative only add to the problem. They are becoming much more profuse now. Even flu shots use Mercury as a preservative. When I asked to have my root canal tooth pulled by an experienced dental surgeon, he said that the Mercury had leaked up my right sinus a great distance. This is the side that the root canal was on. I had an amalgam tattoo above the root canal too. Nutrition and hand washing are the way to beat illness. My deep faith has helped me through much brutality, both physical and emotional. It's all documented. I'll close with what I believe and say, "God sees it all." This belief got me through everything. I published this book because my deepest desire is to help others; they need not go through what I went through. Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome International (DAMS)
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Pamela Elizabeth Rn Lacek
Paperback | 156 pages
152 x 229 x 9mm | 236g
Publication date
17 Sep 2008
Publication City/Country
Bloomington IN, United States
Illustrations note
Illustrations, black and white